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Hello everybody, I’m in a bit of a bad situation right now. Normally I hate talking about my real life, but I’m in some serious financial danger. What does this have to do with any of you? Well… I was hoping you guys could help me get out of this slump. How you ask? Oh, it’s quite simple actually -

Follow me on Twitch! You see, if I can get enough activity on my twitch channel I can eventually get a twitch partnership. You see, I’ve been streaming for a little while now and I’ve discovered I really like doing it! So I thought, maybe I could become a twitch partner and get paid to do what I love! All you guys have to do is follow me on twitch and then watch me play some vidya gaems whenever I start streaming. I’ll try to make it as entertaining to watch as I can. I’ve just finished up Quake and will be playing through both officially released mission packs for it next. If you have any suggestions for what game I should stream next, feel free to send me an ask!

I hate to beg for help like this, but I really have no choice at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Every reblog and every follow on my twitch helps me a whole lot and I really appreciate it.


Doomguy’s one of the pillars of tumblr’s gaming crew.  Help a bro out.

Just a friendly reminder to all the old guard out there.


Robot Limbs Anyone? 

Amputees all over the world are now able to walk and use limbs that were lost to accidents or illnesses. One of the companies pioneering the technology is iWalk. The company was founded by MIT professor Hugh Herr, who directs the biomechatronics group at the MIT Media Lab. Herr is himself a double amputee that uses two of the bionic limbs. This type of technology can be seen as the first real step in transhumanism. For more click link below.


Now, I’m not going to say that team-killing is okay when you’re role-playing with a group.  Sometimes, though, you just have to deal with a chronic backstabber on a more permanent basis.

I think I might have just given birth to one of the most evil custom chapters ever to be produced using Rites of Battle.  Without going into exacting detail, it’s a Librarian-heavy chapter that uses the Terror combat doctrine.  In addition to having an unusually large number of psykers, the chapter has two other things to its advantage:

First, a ginormous stockpile of plasma weapons inherited from their progenitors in the Dark Angels.

Second, they have a modified version of the Whirlwind at their disposal.  Rather than fragmentation or incendiary warheads, the missiles fired by this variant are loaded with things like hallucinogenic gas, toxic sludge, or radioactive waste.

Oh, and these guys were created to fight Chaos.

…is it any wonder that the Inquisition wants to throw the whole lot of them into a pyre?

Congrats, Rob!  You have finally regained your rightful position as the head of my personal fan-club.

Congrats, Rob!  You have finally regained your rightful position as the head of my personal fan-club.


> “Lovecraftian feminism”

> wut

I think I can explain this one.  You see, in the eyes of most Lovecraftian horrors it doesn’t really matter if you’re a man, woman, or something in-between.  You are simply another insignificant creature that goes well with ketchup.



I think I’d just go ahead and shoot myself if I saw these guys coming.

I think I’d just go ahead and shoot myself if I saw these guys coming.

What game is that?

Sword of the Stars.